Software & Interactive Media

All partners in Adkins Black's software and interactive media group have served as both outside and in-house counsel for software or interactive media companies, so we understand the emerging legal issues, as well as the operational, technical, and creative challenges, faced by the industry. We have extensive experience with relationship contracts of all kinds, intellectual property-driven technology transactions, and other complex business arrangements.

Our current range of legal services includes negotiating and drafting a variety of commercial agreements, including:

  • Intellectual property agreements, such as content license agreements, developer agreements, publisher agreements, project financing agreements, customer agreements, software license agreements, and agreements for hosted software solutions
  • Vendor and supplier agreements, such as independent contractor agreements, software development agreements, and other services agreements
  • Online terms of use and end-user license agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Employment agreements, offer letters, and employee confidentiality agreements.

We also have experience providing clients in the industry with advice on matters related to corporate formation, employment and human resources, copyrights and trademarks, online payments, virtual currencies and other pre-paid programs, and many other day-to-day legal issues faced by software and interactive media companies. We pride ourselves on providing business-minded advice in a timely manner.

Our objective is to efficiently and effectively serve the legal needs of our clients so that they are free to focus on designing and developing creative and innovative products and services, including embedded software solutions, hosted software solutions, software applications, middleware, video games, online games, mobile games, mobile applications, casual and social games, virtual worlds, social networks, and other creative and innovative works.

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